Catherine Luo




Substance to AiStandard Magic Material Maker (Maya Python Script)

Personal project, responsible for all aspects. This tool was made to make the process of creating an Arnold material from Substance outputs easier and faster. The tool takes files from a destination folder and makes the correct connections in the Hypershade. There are options to choose colorspace, whether there are UDIMs or not, and whether you want normals and displacement on. I chose the features based on what I end up needing to change most often, but in the future may add more. Scripted in the Maya Script Editor using python.

Big Fish, Little Fish - Scripted Flock Avoidance

Personal project, responsible for all aspects. This project was made when I was learning to script in Maya. I wanted to see how I could apply code to animation. I wrote a script to randomly generate the small fish flock and randomly assign color from a set of materials. The animation is made by a script that takes a “Big Fish” and a flock of “Small Fish,” calculating a curve for the “Small Fish” to travel around the “Big Fish” depending on the distance between them and an amplitude input. The user needs to keyframe a start and end point for the “Big Fish” and “Small Fish,” select both and run the script.

Demon Beam - Made in Processing

This project was done during my Introduction to Interactivity, creative coding class. The particle behavior and graphics are coded by me using Processing. The face tracker is a plugin by Kyle McDonald.

Alien Converser - Made in Processing

MythMash - Made in Processing

MythMash was my project for the generative book assignment given in my Creative Computing class with Golan Levin. I've always been fascinated with the differences and similarities between stories from different mythologies around the world. For this book, I collected over 200 pages of myths from 8 major mythologies and used a markov generator to produce new myths from pairings of each mythology with each other. From this I hoped to see an interesting comparison between them. The finished book definitely could use better markov code and organization of source material, but I think it was a worthwhile project for me to pursue.

Fireclock - Made in p5.js

This project was for the "clock" assignment of my Creative Computing class with Golan Levin.  Above, you can see a GIF of the clock, as I couldn't embed the code into this site. The clock starts filling the bounds of the white rectangle, but is slowly eaten up throughout the day. Noon is exactly in the middle of the rectangle. At the time I recorded the GIF, it was around 9-10 PM.

Mogao Buddhas: Reinterpreted - Made in Processing and Epilog Lasercutter

This piece of generative art was inspired by my visit to the Mogao Caves, located on the Silk Road in China. A major hub of trade and also religion, the inside of some of the caves were painted lavishly with hundreds of small buddhas, all just slightly different. This my modern interpretation of the Mogao buddhas. Here I try to retain a sense of age with the use of the lasercutter and wood veneer, while also embracing clean lines and a modern minimalist aesthetic.