Catherine Luo



Don’t You Know - Graphic Novel

Ink-print on Moab Moenkopi Kozo Washi Paper, hand-bound accordion book

Don't You Know is a graphic novel about the elusive nature of one's own dreams, told through the continuous form of an accordion book. The story seeks to find truth in the fuzzy space between what we experience in reality and what we know innately, magically.

Traditional Farewells -  Micron Pen and Kurecolor Markers on Paper

Daruma Hill & Fairytale Cafe -  Micron Pen on Paper

ManCar and CarMan - Micron Pen on Paper, Photoshop

Man-Car & Car-Man was a comic done for the house style assignment for the Graphic Novels course I took with John Pena, Spring semester 2017. For this assignment, we had to follow a strict "house style." Our characters and locations had to be exact copies of the style sheet and any improvisation had to fit. I was assigned the story "car crash" and a 3 page format. With all the same characters and settings, the stories got pretty interesting to compensate...

Absolute King - Sumi Ink on Paper

Sketches and Color Studies (click to enlarge)